Bulk Packaging

Bulk Shipment to Mopar Facilities
  • Develop bulk packaging with partitions and layer pads to protect and stabilize the part in transportation to the packaging facility.
  • Mixed loads should be packaged by part number and clearly identified on the pallet. Each part number must be in its own masterpack container to ease the sorting process at the packaging facility.
  • Two AIAG labels, per part number, are required on adjacent sidesof the load.
  • Parts such as screws, nuts, bolts, clips, etc. should be masterpackaged in standard quantities.
  • Recommended masterpacks include the following approved Mopar containers:
KC103505 - 21.125"x 9.875"x 9.125" (ID) 200# C-Flute
KC033550 - 10.375"x 9.875"x 9.125" (ID) 200# C-Flute
KC104544 - 10.375"x 9.875"x 4.313" (ID) 200# C-Flute
  • Characteristics such as size, weight, and volume should be taken into consideration when selecting a masterpack container. As a general rule masterpacks are not to exceed 35lbs.
  • Large parts must be individually identified with the part number via a L-Series label or wire tag. For more information please reference I-08.
  • Expendable packaging must be used. Returnable containers will not be accepted and return is not guaranteed.
  • When parts permit, the load configuration must be in compliance with the P.O. Clause "90".


        All master and bulk packs must be properly labeled (including the FCA part number) to reflect the contents of the container.  View labeling section for more details.
 Please reference the Labeling section for further information on load identification.